Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hi Everyone, and welcome to the Mason Companies Inc. Affiliate Blog! My plan is to check this daily for questions, comments, concerns or just to chat about the industry in general. Your feedback is crucial in making this what you want it to be!

As you are all aware, we are in the midst of holiday, and is having their $30 gift certificate giveaway with any purchase over $100. Check CJ for links and banners! This expires 12/4. No promo code necessary. ShoeMall has a lot more promotions left before the holidays are over, and this information will be posted soon!

Check out our slippers! We can barely keep them on the shelves! Just based on top sellers, it looks like customers are not buying for themselves this year, they are getting GIFTS!!!! Here is our gift landing page to promote:


Boutique Flair said...

The blog is a great idea. I'm happy to work with ShoeMall & you, Andrea!

cheapdanny said...

Definitely a great idea, looking forward to working with you and ShoeMall :)

Andrea Finn said...

I'm so happy to hear your comments! Today I will be releasing our new sale starting tomorrow, and start on a FAQ section! Thanks everyone!

purplebear said...

ok, ya said please come to visit your blog lol :) So, how could I not, so here I am. In a hurry so short comment lol Bookmarked ya and will try to keep up:)

You've beat me, keep sayin I'm gonna do a blog cos keep gettin told to...umm hopefully soon.:) Nice job on your blog:)

Andrea Finn said...

Thanks Kathy and Welcome! Nice to see you on here!